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Fluid Power Training.
Fault diagnosis & Rectification.
Design, Manufacture, Install.

Further Develop Your Engineering Skillset with our **NEW** online course.

If you’re an individual wanting to further develop your skillset for yourself and via your employer, then we have a programme which you can join. Using our online teaching portal, you’ll have access to the course for 3 months. You can work through each level of training which covers every aspect of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Online Course Contents

  • The basic principles upon which all hydraulic and pneumatics systems are based.
  • The ability to read hydraulic and pneumatic circuit diagram and to be able to identify key components within the system.
  • Understand the operation and functions of components within the system.
    Undertake basic routine maintenance and monitor the performance of the system to identify potential problems and faults which could cause a failure of a component and the system become inoperative.
  • To quickly identify a fault within the system, rectify the problem, and make decisions which would prevent the fault reoccurring.

Take the test

Do your onsite engineers possess the knowledge and understanding of how your site specific equipment works? In order to analyse and locate system faults they must first know how it works.

HYDraulics test

Use the link here to determine the knowledge base of your existing staff and in return we’ll send you a full report detailing where improvements can be made and offering you behind the scenes access to our latest training programmes.