We design and manufacture bespoke fluid power systems. Working from first principles we can determine the required flow, pressure, speed, and prime mover power requirement. This enables the provision of a complete system which is "Fit for Purpose".

When undertaking a design project, we undertake research to ensure that all components specified are sized correctly and are chosen to ensure that:

  • They will be operating well within their maximum design parameters
  • They are positioned for ease of serviceability and access
  • Where possible valves are manifolded to reduce the number of pipe joints in order to minimise the number of potential oil leaks

In addition, a system is always specified and provided with adequate Pressure, Return Line, and where necessary, Off-Line Filtration systems are installed to ensure that contamination levels are maintained below the maximum acceptable for the components employed.

Another important factor considered when designing a hydraulic system, is the provision of sufficient pressure gauges, flow meters, and pressure test points. This serves to greatly reduce the time taken to locate and rectify system faults.

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We diagnose and rectify system and component failures using the latest diagnostic techniques and equipment. We have service contracts in place with several major clients.

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Many of our customer applications require a "Turnkey" system solution.

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